Sunday, April 27, 2008

Stumptown Comics Fest uses social media to enhance the experience

     This weekend I attended the Stumtown comics fest in Portland Ore. I have been a graphic novel fanatic for two years, ever since I read Blankets by Craig Thompson. Thompson also happened to be a headlining speaker at this event. 

      I have been anticipating this event for months. After I first heard about the event from Thompon's blog, I instantly wanted to know more. I usually find myself hunting around the internet in order to find information about one of my interests. However, with the comics fest this wasn't necessary. 
     The conference produced a Web site utilizing social media. The site features a  blog, podcast and a link to a flickr pool of pictures from the 2007 event. It also links to articles written about the 2007 event. 
        Yes I would have been excited about the conference if I had merely seen a poster in a store window, but it was the information on the Web site that really made me anticipate the event. 

Image: Poster from the Stumptown Comics Fest Web site 

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