Saturday, May 3, 2008

Workin' It: The differences between agency work and internal government

I was recently linked by my instructor Kelli Matthews to a post by unSpun on Shift Communications. The post was basically going over the difficulties of agency work, and the beneficial highs that keep many professionals going. As someone who has not actually worked in an agency, I found this very interesting.
At my current position I am not sure I would call what I do public relations. I spend very little time trying to communicate with the public. Instead, the majority of my work consists of documenting success stories for government funded initiatives, in order to later communicate those stories to the state legislature.
The goal is convince the legislature to renew funding for these initiatives. The work I do requires the same skills, but is essentially different because I am not trying to reach my target audience through any other media. I am not alone though. More and more in public relations many professionals are reaching their audiences directly. I think the same responsibilities and concerns still apply as when you are reaching out to your audience through the media.

View the original unSpun post here.

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