Sunday, May 4, 2008


Today I did it. I signed up for twitter. I heard about twitter earlier this year when I stumbled across an online show Epic Fu. I had avoided signing up because I already had facebook status, and did not see a reason to sign up for one more annoying online service. Today, when I read the PR Squared post: Get into twitter or get outta public relations, I was finally convinced to sign up. It's an excellent post, and I highly recommend reading it.

Low and behold, 9 people in my address book are already on twitter. Interestingly enough, all of them are public relations students or professionals. I have to wonder if twitter will ever turn into a mainstream phenomenon. Also, if the reason for getting on twitter is for career advancement and success, how honest should I be on my twitter updates. With every update should I consider if it is the type of post I would want a potential employer to see?

I am already conscious of my online persona. Although, I have always desired to keep my work and personal spheres separate. I wonder if social media has permanently merged the two.

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TDefren said...

Thanks for your comment at PR-Squared and for the shout-out here, Hannah. Welcome to Twitter.